M5 findings

Here are my findings about Milestone 5:


  • really fast boot (even faster than 11.1 with RAID)
  • better and faster package manager
  • nice new Qt4 Yast interface
  • KDE 4.3 seems to perform faster than on 11.1
  • Yastie is included! :stuck_out_tongue:


  • BIOS RAID won’t work
  • broken kde4 networkmanager
  • broken kdesu
  • no kernel headers for 2.6.31 (so it was impossible to install the nvidia driver :frowning: )
  • still has kernel loading bug and no bootsplash on CDs ans DVDs
  • sometimes bad startup (distorted and/or black screen)

I hope the next release will be better (and no Friday release :))

Please share your findings too

nVidia drivers: You do not need kernel-headers as i had 2.6.30 version of those and installed fine, what you need is kernel-syms which will get installed along kernel-source if you tick kernel-default/desktop-devel package :slight_smile:

For networkmanager: replace it by wicd. You’ll have to set networking to use ifup through Yast, but after that wicd will do the job, everywhere.