I just downloaded a m2ts file. The issue is I can play the file with no problems on my laptop, but not on my desktop. Both are running opensuse 11.1 with the KDE 4.3 upgrade. i know that this is a library issue. I checked to see what libraries are installed and they turned up the same in yast. can anyone point me to which library I am missing on my desktop?

Are you trying to play the file with the same application on both PCs? If so, what application are you trying to use? What is the resolution/bit-rate of the file you are trying to play?

What are the specs (memory, cpu, graphics, graphics driver in use) on each PC ?

I can play m2ts files on new PCs with the appropriate driver/library, but not on an old PC. I believe there are various factors involved here.

well…actually, I found out that the problem comes down to xine. My default player for my desktop is xine based and my laptop is set to mplayer based software. Xine does not have support for Blu Ray format, where as mplayer does. The issue came as my desktop did not even recognize the file extension. How can I add file extension to kde so that associates it with a application in KDE 4.3?

Right click the file - Properties
Click the spanner
In the Box you need to either Add or move Mplayer up the list- Save

I suspect you will find that both “vlc” (as packaged by packman packagers) and “ffplay” (as packaged with ffmpeg by the Packman packagers) will play that format as well.

MPlayer should be able to play it, doesn’t matter if it’s in H.264, VC-1 or MPEG-2 format (this is what oficially Blurays can have)