M<issing text/font in Insurgency and Day of Infamy, (42.3 looked ok)

I changed opensuse 42.3 into Thumbleweed and I have problem with missing fonts in Insurgency and Day of Infamy game.

As you see, I don’t see friends list, number of players (top left corner), version (bottom right), key bindigs, server names, player stats in game (TAB key) etc. But everything else works good.
Probably I don’t have some fonts in openSUSE. But what fonts?

Possibly ms fonts - some are free to use, although not opensource.

You can search for the meta-package msttfonts (or msttffonts, not sure) in yast>Software Manager and it will download and install the fonts from the best third-party server it finds.

Note that missing fonts should be translated by the system to a similar installed one, so the above might not be the problem.

Just install “glibc-locale-32bit” and it will work :wink:

Sorry for very long no reply.
I came back into 42.3 because I have more problems with other software (wifi, Nvidia, Virtualbox+Vagrant etc).

Now I’m using 15.0. **In openSUSE 15.0 noticed the same problem as in Thumbleweed. But yes - you helped me!! Thanks!! **