M-Audio and Opensuse

I was going to install Opensuse again in a bit, but something is worrying me: my M-Audio Delta 1010LT audio card.

You see, with ubuntu, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get sound. I had been trying for about a whole week (I had quite a few other people helping me as well, they were stumped too) before I threw in the towel and wiped ubuntu off the hard drive. >:(

My question is, can I get Opensuse 11 working with my audio card or not?

M-audio cards tend to work well with openSUSE. Have a look here
AFAIK it should be detected OOTB.


Hmm, the 1010LT isn’t mentioned there…

Man, I hope it works. The situation with ubuntu was a nightmare.

But isn’t it basically the same card?
On the m-audio site they have info here


A good place to go for audio support, no matter what your linux distribution, is IRC channel #alsa.

I note another user who managed to get this card working with openSUSE:
M Audio Delta 1010LT (No sound) - openSUSE Forums

… but it appears to me this card may not work “out of the box” . You may have to configure a bit, and that is where the difference between an experienced user, and a new user, makes a WORLD of difference.

Hence others can get this card working under openSUSE. That is no guarantee you will succeed.

With the ubuntu problem. I had spent a lot of time on the alsa channel and no one was able to figure it out…

In regards to the other user you mentioned, I couldn’t get sound out of anything.