Lyx miss

When I open this( document in Lyx on my laptop I get errors about missing scrbook.cls and natbib.sty, though it works fine on my desktop, running Leap 42.2. I have not been able to figure out what’s missing on my laptop.

zypper se --file-list SOME_FILENAME

… is your friend.


scrbook is part of the KomaScript package and natbib part of the Natbib package. So just enter koma and natbib in YaST and install/reinstall the relevant packages.

I already have all the koma and natbib packages installed. I tried reinstalling them but that didn’t change anything.

When you post about an error,
You have to post the error verbatim… If you see it in a console, you can cut and paste in CODE tags here. If it’s in a graphic notification window, sometimes you can copy and paste, but if you can’t then you should do a screenshot and upload to some place (Google Drive, openSUSE, github account, etc) and then either use the
“Insert Image” button or provide a link to your image in your post.

At the moment, I’m guessing that maybe that there is a version requirement, but your problem could also be something like installation/file location issue, more.


Have you tried Tools>Reconfigure? Post the output as suggested by Tsu.

I tried that, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.