lxqt what happened

Anybody knows what happened to lxqt?
It use to be available in the lxde repo here
the lxqt home page http://lxqt.org/ still links to the above lxde repo as an rpm source for openSUSE users.
I remember getting updates for lxqt a few weeks ago, I started-up yast and all my lxqt packages wore reported as orphaned.
Tthe lxqt packages have been removed from the lxde repo?

Split out into it’s own project by the look…

Looks like they have not enabled publishing yet…

Ping one of the maintainers to ask what is happening;

tanks for the info Malcolm, for the time being I won’t go bothering maintainers as they should know what they’re doing, I just didn’t get why they removed the working packages.