lxqt or razorqt?

A few weeks ago I found lxqt in the lxde repo, installed it found it an OK work in progress, yesterday I found razorqt in the QTDesktop repo, razor seams to have a smaller version number but is more feature complete.
My question is what package is being actively developed razorqt or lxqt or has there been another split in the Linux world?

I did some googling and it seams the merge between razor-qt and lxde and birth of lxqt wasn’t the end of the old projects, and even tho at 0.5 razor-qt seams more feature complete then lx-qt at 0.8.

AFAIK, razor-qt is built upon Qt4, whereas lxqt uses Qt5.

So in a way, the situation is similar to KDE4 vs. Plasma5.

And as lxqt is a new product, you cannot really compare the version numbers.