LXDE remove openbox GUI from Desktop


I have a newly installed openSUSE with LXDE desktop, just trying it out. When I right-click on the Desktop I could see the standard menu (e.g. make new folder, delete to trash and so on). There was an option in the menu to switch to “openbox” so I did that to see what happened. That changed the menu I see whren I right-click the Desktop. I want to get rid of the “openbox” version of the right-click GUI gui. How do I do that?

swerdna (LXDE newbie)

Never mind – I come to the conclusion that XFCE is better supported, so I’ll install that and give it a spin.

Hi swerdna,
I’m pondering the choice of desktop environment for a low-end box running openSUSE 12.1, and cannot make my mind between LXDE and XFCE (tried both and still cannot decide). What’s your experience with XFCE so far? Is it actually better suported then LXDE?

I gave up on LXDE for two reasons. Firstly because I had then (and still have) problems getting reliable connection to any website at the address *.lxde.org (main, forums, wiki, whatever) and that frustrated me so much that I just gave up. Secondly, I wasn’t able to resolve the issue that started this thread so I was simply unable to use the LXDE installation that I was trying to test.

Having said that, I’m sure my technical issue with LXDE was trivially easy to fix, I just couldn’t find the answer. And I see on the internet many comments that they are both good. I installed XFCE over the top of the LXDE partition I had and it worked OK but I can’t give you an honest rating on one versus the other because I was so frustrated by the two issues that my view of LXDE is not fully rational.

@ jcora,
Following the last statement of swerdna, it looks like a hint to go with xfce unless there will be another member who can give a good pointer of LXDE’s advantage against xfce.

I use LXDE on my portable openSUSE external drive. The only real benefit for me is it is a little lighter than XFCE. Sometimes I have to boot it up on older machines for repair purposes. If your hardware will run XFCE, then it will give you more functionality. XFCE is like a light Gnome desktop environment.

The LXDE packager for openSUSE is a member of our forum and visits from time to time. They also visit the IRC chat channel ‘opensuse-lxde’ on freenode from time to time. I find either sending a PM or having SUSEhelp bot on IRC chat send them a note is a reasonable way to get support. IMHO having that direct high quality support available is a good reason for using LXDE. Having typed that, I do note that the LXDE packager for openSUSE (who is also a Packman packager) is very busy wrt moves and their career that pays them money to eat/rent-a-place, etc …

I definitely prefer the Look/Feel of LXDE over XFCE (which I dislike). I know users who prefer the opposite. From that point of view its IMHO subjective.

I’ve read comparisons of LXDE vs XFCE wrt memory foot print, and those comparisons supported 67GTA’s assement that LXDE is a little lighter than XFCE.

Is there an XFCE liveCD yet for 11.4 ? I know LXDE has one. Looking here suggests either there is no 11.4 XFCE liveCD Derivatives - openSUSE or the XFCE community support has not updated that page. If so, why has the XFCE community not updated that page? Already 12.1 is on the street and 11.3 support is about to stop. We need someone in the XFCE community to step forward and do this liveCD input. Many old PCs (which use LXDE or XFCE) do NOT have a DVD drive. Ergo a liveCD is important.

I guess my point is ‘support’ is a relative thing, and sometimes it depends on how one goes about it and depends on what one is looking for. If I had a PC with only a CD drive I would be disappointed in not having a recent openSUSE XFCE liveCD being posted about in the main liveCD wiki.

One nice thing about LXDE and XFCE is the packagers support each other.

Swerdna, sorry to read of your frustration. I guess you did not know how to contact the packager.

On 09.12.2011 21:36, jcora wrote:
> Hi swerdna,
> I’m pondering the choice of desktop environment for a low-end box
> running openSUSE 12.1, and cannot make my mind between LXDE and XFCE
> (tried both and still cannot decide). What’s your experience with XFCE
> so far? Is it actually better suported then LXDE?
I was using solely KDE for years. At a stage I gave it up altogether,
but that’s OT here. About LXDE/XFCE:

I started looking for a replacement for KDE and I noticed that both XFCE
and LXDE had potential.

I ran them both for a while, I think you should, too.
It’s the only way IMHO to find out. And in case of a possible hairy
situation try to find a solution. Finding solutions may be different in
different environments, too.

I had gotten used to some KDE apps that I didn’t want to give up, so
running those was crucial.

Anyways, my desktop of choice has been LXDE for quite some time.
First of all, the desktop for me is just a “desktop” which, as like my
real desktop, can not even be seen from underneath all the stuff on it.

The same goes with my computer desktops. I never see them.
Why should I? I’m running applications, I’m watching movies and
photographs, I’m listening to music. None of that has anything to do
with desktop as such, desktop for me is a place where I can start and
run stuff.

I have found out that LXDE is lighter and snappier. I notice this
because I run it on a low spec EeePC and several simultaneous virtual
machines, which are hosted on the main machine, also with LXDE.

I do everything I need and want in LXDE environments, no problems.
I have also changed my desktop manager from kdm to lxdm.

YMMV, try them out thoroughly, both are good, it’s a matter of taste and
a slight but noticeable difference in performance in LXDE’s favor.


openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64) main host
openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64) 3.1.1-48-desktop Tumbleweed in VirtualBox
openSUSE 12.1 (i586) 3.1.0-1.2-desktop in EeePC 900

No, I’m just an LXDE newbie. Didn’t know about the packager. I tried to get advice from the LXDE forums but couldn’t get access to the website for about a week, by which time I had moved on. I still have very slow comms rates at that address (*.lxde.org). I’ve edited the PS, silly of me to say that.

Here is how I did it (that is, switched back to the lxde right-click desktop menu from the openbox one). First, I logged out. Then I pressed <Ctrl><Alt><F1> all together to bring up a text login screen. I then logged in as myself. Then, I used vi(m) to edit ~/.config/pcmanfm/LXDE/pcmanfm.conf. Using arrow keys, I first found the [desktop] section. In that section, I found the line “show_wm_menu=1”. I changed the ‘1’ to a ‘0’ (that’s a zero, not the letter O – arrow your cursor over the ‘1’, press the lower-case ‘r’ key, and type ‘0’). I saved the file (by pressing in succession ‘:’ ‘w’ ‘q’), exit(ed) the text login, pressed <Alt><F7> together, logged back into an lxde session, and enjoyed the original desktop right-click menu. I hope this helps someone.

I’m using LXDE and it does everything I need. I’m very satisfied with it. I don’t have XFCE experience though so I cannot give any advise on which one is better :slight_smile: