LXDE Main Menu - How to Add Menu Items

Although I found one post in the Forums which was detailed, I didn’t find too much which I would consider “easy reading” or in “Cookbook” style.

So, created one

Note that LXMED is the standard 3rd party (not an official part of LXDE) GUI app for modifying the LXDE Main menu, but it requires beesu scripting support. Curiously, although openSUSE has not supported beesu for over 2yrs (that I’ve determined), LXMED will install on openSUSE <without warning about this missing dependency which is no longer available or supported>. When launched, it will look odd but appear to possibly work but when a SAVE is executed will corrupt the main menu file system.

The easy and safe way to modify the LXDE menu is outlined in the page I created (link above).
Applies at least to openSUSE 12.3, 13.1 and the forseeable future.