lxde: keyboard settings do not work


in a fresh installation of OpenSuse 13.1 with lxde, the keyboard settings do not work.

When set using the GUI, it does not work at all. When I change the setting directly in the config files, then it works - but only for a while. After few minutes, my settings seem to be forgotten and are changed back to default settings. Also lxsession --reload does not seem to do its work, or I am misinterpreting what it is supposed to do: I thought it would make the program to reload settings, but instead this results in two simultaneous lxsessions. Again, this makes my settings work, but after several minutes it changes back to default.

The location of config files I modified is:

And here are the settings:

I'd be grateful for any suggestions or help you could give.

Best wishes,

Solved by manually setting using xset, will have to start this on login:

xset r rate 200 45

Unfortunately, something keeps changing the settings at random intervals.