LXDE Bluetooth Support / General Advice Request

I’m seeking general advice for “BlueTooth” to start working under “LXDE”, OpenSUSE 64-bit, “Thumbleweed” version.

Seems to me the underlying pieces are there and working (“BlueZ”, “Gnome-BlueTooth” at least). I’m specifically looking for the final piece, “gnome-bluetooth” to show up on tray or something.

Would you please help? Thanks for reading.

Welcome to the forums.

Are you using LXDE or LXQT? Development of Gtk LXDE ceased nearly two years ago and work since has been on moving to LXQT. If LXDE is still being distributed as part of Tumbleweed, it is unlikely to have been receiving much work. So it is possible that there have been improvements to the Gnome support for Bluetooth that haven’t tricked through into LXDE. On the other hand, if you are really running LXQT, I suspect you need Bluedevil rather than gnome-bluetooth.

I partially agree with your comments while “LXDE” (the project) rebuilts itself. However, you can still have a perfectly capable system under “LXDE” with some config effort. That’s I’m running with this tiny portable computer of mine that people often say is cute.

In this case I went for the command line as “super-user”, typed “bluetoothctl” and off you go with a BlueTooth(R) interface where you can “power off”, “discover”, “list”, “trust”, “connect” and everything. As they say, “works for me”.

We often undermine the command line interface just to fall in love with it.