Luminance HDR


I’m running OS 13.1 x64 and having trouble with luminance-hdr 2.4 installed from KDE-EXTRA. On starting the application an error message is displayed.

TM Database Problem - The database used for saving TM parameters cannot be opened. Error: unable to open database file.
I have looked at all the dependencies and installed them as best fit the description. Do you also get this message and have you been able to solve it? I’ve not used this application before so do not know if its functionality is affected, I can only assume it will not works as it would normally.

I did find a post containing this issue but no resolution is posted: LINK

Your assistance will be appreciated.

Thank you.

The RPM package doesn’t pull in all the QT5 dependencies. So this is a KDE/EXTRA packaging bug of luminance-hdr-2.4.0-4.2.x86_64.rpm