LUGS in my area (SE England)

In an idle moment yesterday (about 2 AM) I had a google about looking for some local linux action. For some reason I hope and believe that linuxers are a tad more proficient in all areas of computing. It seems that web design is not a skill that comes naturally.
Take this attempt as an example.
Colchester LUG

I guess that the group has withered on the vine as the most recent activity is from 2009, but is it any wonder?
“About Us” page is a dead link.
Nowhere is there an email address or contact to be found.
Are there regular meetings? Who can tell? Time? place? Frequency?

Anyway, looking a little further afield, I find “SoSLUG”, About SoSLUG | Southend Linux User Group the Southend-on-Sea Linux users group, this looks a bit more lively and vibrant! Recent activity etc etc!

But… oh noes!
Contacts… err no
Meet up? Not obvious, but reading several articles it seems that every Monday.
Oops. More trawling finds mention of “The Mediashed” but times and addresses etc not a sign.
I’ll try an alphabetical search then, for “meet”…
Ah the “Alphabet” only goes to A.

Contacts… err no

Yes: Find us | Southend Linux User Group


There’s a map and the exact adress on the same page (and a phone number and the adress for the newsletter and another one for direct email contact).

“Find us” on the upper left of the main page brought me there. :slight_smile:

Yes found it now after a a good old trawl about this morning, I still think that the Home page should have something about the group on it. A brief paragraph about linux is not helpful to anyone who gets to the site from a search, as anyone searching will already know what linux is, but will not know what the groups and what it does. Thanks for looking Mr Gropiuskalle!

Glad to be of service. :slight_smile:

I agree this site is a bit crude, but it’s rather typical for LUG-groups; some geeks meet every week or month, they establish a group and bang suddenly there must be a website about it, even though no member of that group has any idea about webdesign or time enough to care about it. A simple introduction and a contact sheet would be more effective, I think.