LuckyBackup and Excluded Directories still being Included!

I am running KDE desktop and LuckyBackup 0.5.0 from Tumbleweed repo site and am seeking help please with configuring the Exclude list in the Task properties advanced tab.

I am trying to exclude, inter alia, pCloudDrive and an NFS folder both of which are mounted on my system at /home/alastair.

First question, if I wish to exclude the whole directory should I include the trailing / as in /home/alastair/pCloudDrive/ or not. Since I wish to exclude the directory itself as well as subfolders I assume not.

I also assume that I should use the fully qualified address, or so I thought since the local address didn’t work.

Even so, with fully qualified address and no backslash LuckyBackup is insisting on backing up the above excluded folders.

Where am I going wrong please?