lsblk command output

I’m used to look at the lsblk command to see where my drives are mounted. I am new to btrfs filesystems. I noticed that my sda2 drive (which is btrfs only and contains the system) is mounted differently, everytime I boot the system. It is as if at random, some directory is chosen. Is this speific to btrfs filesystems. Is lsblk incompatible?
Just curious, because the system runs just fine. I run an up2date tumbleweed KDE install.

Yes and yes. Device with btrfs can be mounted concurrently on different mount points and lsblk shows only single mount point per device. So it just picks one; the actual mount point probably depends on the order in which they have been mounted on startup and this is also non-deterministic.

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Yes, it’s a bug with lsblk, btrfs and sub-volumes… if you run the mount command it will be the last subvolid loaded.