# ls *.avi > movies.txt


How the f**k do u do ‘ls *.avi > fuubar.txt’ in Windoze?

pardon the ling, but I sick of my xp/xbmc…

one only use xbmc and auto updates, still the system manage to get fuxed…


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On Fri, 08 Oct 2010 18:36:02 +0000, HabySvenne wrote:

> huhu
> How …] do u do ‘ls *.avi > fuubar.txt’ in Windoze?

dir *.avi > fuubar.txt

You might try the Microsoft forums for questions about Windows. You’re
likely to get answers here since many users have used Windows in the
past, but we really prefer to focus on Linux in general and openSUSE

Also, please consider that we try to be a ‘family friendly’ forum and
watch your language in future posts. There’s no need for that kind of
language when asking for help.


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one only use xbmc and auto updates, still the system manage to get fuxed…

Regardless of what you’re using your system for, it’s up to you to configure and maintain it. Turning on updates and an AV don’t magically make it stable and invulnerable.

Try this:

dir /B *.avi > fuubar.txt


On my windows installations, I would run,

ls *.avi > fuubar.txt

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Sorry about my language… will not happend again (had a couple of beers plus trying to make a stubborn xp-machine do as I wanted :\ )

Still thx for the help but I removed my last Windows install and now I can ‘ls’ like im used to.

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Install cygwin and type ls *.avi > fuubar.txt

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xbmc is on the Packman repo. Was there any particular reason you decided to install it on Windows instead?

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I installed XP because I couldn’t get my wireless to work properly on opensuse 11.3 but after going back to 11.2 it works like a charm, something is broken with 11.3 and wireless and I don’t have the energy to try fixing it.

I have installed XBMC beta from packman and every thing works perfect now, thx.

Why not search for help, and get 11.3 running with wireless?