lpr: Unauthorized


printing the cups-test-page from http://localhost:631/ via smb://server/printer is working well (openSuSE 11.0), but printing a page from any application software doesn’t have success.
Acroread complains about “lpr: Unauthorized”. I got the same from “lpr foo.txt” on the cmd line. It doesn’t change anything whether root or an usual user is submitting the job.
kprinter foo.pdf reveals
cupsdoprint -P ‘HPLaserJet’ -J ‘foo.pdf’ -H ‘localhost:631’ -U ‘jmlr’ -o ’ copies=1 multiple-document-handling=separate-documents-collated-copies’ ‘/home/jmlr/foo.pdf’ : execution failed with message:
jmlr and root are members of the lpr group.
lppasswd -a -g sys jmlr leads to something like (in German)
lppasswd: No permission to open the password file
even under root.

Any hints how I could get my printer working ?

Thanks in advance!


The solution is:

root user:

1.- rccups stop

2.- vi /etc/cups/printers.conf

3.- change

AuthInfoRequired username,password, xxxx


#AuthInfoRequired username,password, xxx

4.- rccups start