Low screen res after adding nvidia repositories

Hey guys,

I have installed a couple of different distros on older boxes and always need to tweak to get desktop effects and proper screen res. I have installed opensuse 11 on my main box for the first time. Install went fine but no desktop effects. so I added nvidia repositories and updated, now I have desktop effects but highest res is 1280x1024. I need at least 1600x1200 but would like to have 1920x1200. this is a different problem then my last install on a different box so i dont just want to go trying things willy nilly. Please dont get mad at me for asking a stupid question.

hardware is:
intel E8400
XFX 8600 GT
EVGA 680i

I had a similar problem with my 8800GS in Games (WoW). Did you install using the Nvidia Repo’s? or did you do the manual?

If you did the Repo, did you do legacy or G01? or GL? Can’t remember. Did you run sax2 -r after you install before you rebooted?

I installed GL using repo. I did not run sax2, not sure whats all involved with sax2

Try running sax2 -r in root. *note it will switch back to cmd prompt temp.

It basically self configures your video card for you. When you go into YaST and click on display properties (first option I think) does it say VESA or NVidia?

at work now but I will get back to you when i get home 3 pm pacific

Same here X-D

Sorry, Still very newbish to suse

I went to Applications, System, Configuration, Configure Nvidia X server settings. From there I was able to choose up to 1920x1200.
Too many places to configure the same thing :slight_smile: I promise I will stay with OpenSuse 11 for a while and become more familiar with the desktop. Well thanks for your help.

oh and i did run sax2 -r after you told me. then i rebooted and stumbled on the nvidia x server config. It may have been there before running sax2 -r but i can not say for sure. anyways thank you. these forums are always so helpful.