Low resolution for thumbnails on dektop in kde 5.5 xx

Greetings !

OpenSuse kde 5.5.5 is installed on 2 computers. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 (all Intel) and on a desktop computer running nvidia GTX 460 with proprietary driver on. (installed from Yast) Everythings is quite fine and i like to thanks people who contribute to OpenSuse project.
But, i cannot find a way to manage the resolution of desktop thumbnails. They looks quite ugly what ever i choose as desktop way (classical with icons or plasma with widgets) or icons size. The resolution is very low and make me thing about Minecraft game …
here 2 pictures :

1 little size
2 biggest size

Is there a way, a tool to edit this ?
It doesn’t looks like driver trouble, i have different GPU on both computers (Intel/Nvidia) and same problem.

Thanks ! and apologize for my english …

Ok. So no one seems to have this “problem” … or any idea ?
evening …

try a different image host the one you are using does not have any images with desktop icons
this is the image shown?
this is my desktop
if you mean the start panel icons they are dependent on the panel’s size if you increase it they will increase

if that’s not what you meant reupload your pictures to http://imgur.com/ or on opensuse’s paste http://paste.opensuse.org/

yes I use the default desktop why mess with perfection

Thanks for your answer ! This is not what i meant, i will send pictures the way you said as soon as i get back to my computer.

if you meant the file thumbnails shown in dolphin, yes there has been a change, now the default is for dolphin to display icons if you want to see thumbs you need to hit the preview button I do belive the size of the preview is configurable, http://i.imgur.com/xu6bJHx.png
if you do not get a preview for a desired file type you might need to install a thumbnail handler just search in yast or zypper for thumbnailer

zypper se thumbnailer