Low quality fullscreen XviD video in Xine

I have 3 desktop PCs with openSUSE 11 - one with Nvidia vga card and two with ATI (with NVidia and ATI drivers resp. installed). I’m trying to play fullscreen DVDrip (Xvid 1.5Gb) in Xine player (xine-ui) and this fine only with Nvidia one .

Here is screenshot (left - Nvidia, right ATI):




The only way to fix it I found is to use MPlayer with -vo gl option (openGL video out). But this causes video to play slowly and drop frames.

No such problems with .mkv (h264) rips, only with .avi (Xvid)
VLC plays xvid fine, but drops frames

How can I fix video quality in Xine?
Why MPlayer in openGL mode is so slow?

Thank you!

I have checked glxinfo - the driver was set to Mesa…:\

After reinstalling ATI drivers from “1-click” (ATI - openSUSE) and reconfiguring SaX2 now OpenGL video out works fine

So, I think incorrect driver was the root cost