(low priority) How change KDE Appln. Launcher Icon?

I would like to change the appearance of the application launcher icon on my KDE4.1 system (from the green suse circle to the white K+gear on a blue background), but I can find no way to do this. What’s the method?

Well, in KDE 4.3 it’s just a right click on the starter and then “K-menu settings”. There You can select your icon. Don’t know if that works in KDE 4.1.

Yup, in KDE 4.3 it will work by above mentioned method, but in KDE 4.1.x , 4.2.x it will not work by this way. So you can change it by this way:
Move/Delete/Rename /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/places/start-here-branding.svg
You should see the change next time you log in. OR
(Restarting plasma should also work: press Alt+F2, enter ‘kquitapp plasma’, Alt-F2, ‘plasma’).

Hope this helps.

Yes, that’s where I started, it being the obvious place to start - but I can find no object in the menu item list called ‘Application Launcher’ whose icon I could try to change.

Missed my post?

Yes, it helps, certainly - I now understand why the method applicable to 4.3 does work on my 4.1.x system. But your explanation only states how to delete the icon (yes?). But how does one specify what it is to be replaced with?

Wait - that’s a rhetorical question: now I see what it this icon is doing by reading its name: if this icon isn’t available then, under plasma/oxygen theme, the default icon will revert to the ‘K+gear’ icon - correct? That’s rather neat - I could put my own in there, couldn’t I? (Except that I can’t use inkscape or scribus, yet!)