Low Frame Rates - OS11.0 - GeForce MX 440


I just upgraded from OpenSuse 10.3 to OpenSuse 11.0 and I am having issues with frame rates on games. In particular I am having an issue now with the game Saurebraten. Before the upgrade I could play the game fine with a good 50 or so fps. Now when I start the game I get a fps of 1. I’ve had trouble with other games too, such as Supertux and Armagetron running extremely slowly. I’ve reinstalled everything, including doing a straight install of OS11 and installing everything, but the issue is still there. Any advice? Thank you.

OS: OpenSuse 11.0
card: GeForce MX 440
Display: GSM LG L2404WT
Memory: 750mb
CPU: Intel P 4 1.80GHZ

Reinstall your video drivers. Try disabling composite and aiglx if all else fails. You have to do that through command line though. Anyway, reinstall drivers and say what happened, :stuck_out_tongue: