Low FPS in CS:GO with AMD R9 280x

Hello, for some reason I have very low FPS in CS:GO on OpenSUSE leap 42.1. (Usually around 30-50 fps). On Windows I get 150+ FPS constantly. I’m using the proprietary AMD drivers.

What’s the cause of this?

I’m using KDE 3.5 and these are my specs.

AMD FX-8350
MSI R9 280x
OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

KDE 3.5 really? My guess that may be the problem.

Wow, I knew someone was gonna comment that :stuck_out_tongue:

But why wouldn’t I use it? It’s user-friendly and one of the nicest desktop environments I’ve seen on any computer, ever. It’s also lightning fast.

It is old and may no longer be fully compatible with the newer video subsystems like openGL3.1.

I tried to change desktop environment to see if that helps and it did. It runs smooth in Mate and Gnome, but not in XFCE and KDE 3.5.

The problem is that I’d rather not stick with Gnome or Mate as I don’t find them particulary nice-looking or functional.

So is there anything I can do to prevent this stuttering in KDE 3.5/XFCE?

why not try lxqt it’s small light and qt based (xfcee mate and gnome are all gtk2 (3) based)

edit I think your problem is kwin3
you can try and use a different display manager like openbox or kwin4 (from kde 4 it does work with other desktops)

I’m using LXDE now, which is extremely lightweight but still customizable. Thanks for the help.