Loving 11.2 KDE

Did a fresh install on an ext4 filesystem from a LiveCD, and after backing up what I needed to from /home in 11.1

Included the sun java browser plugin, codecs after including packman and libdvdcss, skype with it’s requirements, HPLIP, Quanta, Filezilla … as just some of my personal requirements.

Very nice … feels very stable.

:slight_smile: Thank you … to all those who have put in all their effort to make 11.2 a great release.

Man, I’m with you 100%

I did a DVD install of KDE. The new Yast is perfect for me. It recommended my NVIDIA drivers for me off the bat (once I added the repos). I installed them without any fuss lol!. Plus, the new ext4 partitions really make the boot realllllllly fast compared to 11.1. I’m never going back down. I noticed the default drivers and fonts are excellent. In 11.1, when i used vessa, the screen was awkward and everything was just messed up until I installed video drivers.

I also noticed firefox here is a tad bit slower but looks reall good to that of 11.1 (must be the integration bit). Don’t mind though, I use opera for browsing.

Java is a plus, so thats good too. That was included in the DVD last time. I try not to use LiveCD installs.

Now, I just have to worry about my wireless drivers and I should be good.

I forgot to mention, ITS VERY SNAPPY and responsive. LOVING IT. THANKS GUYS who worked on this release

I forgot to mention that I did disable IPv6 and Firefox moves quick for me.

Yea that worked.

You know one little thing that really impresses me. The new Knetwork manager icon. The icon actually finally shows again how good your connection is again AND if you are connected without an annoying mouse over. :wink:

So far I have nothing to complain. This is by far, my faster suse install to date. rotfl!

This is my first suse install in years and kde 4.3 really shines. Also the fastest bootup I’ve seen for kde4. I’ve tried three already.

I was a little disappointed at first because I didn’t think I would find any chrome broswer links. Finally I found one and now suse has a newer version of chrome than either my ubuntu and fedora has.

Quanta??? That’s KDE 3.x only, how did you make it work in KDE4???

11.2 ships with compatibility libraries and Quanta - zypper in quanta and that’s it.

Quanta??? That’s KDE 3.x only, how did you make it work in KDE4???

Quanta works perfectly in KDE4, you have only to install the requested dependencies.


o KDE 4.3 Rocks! Bye, bye KDE 3.5.

It was 2 years ago I first tried pre-release KDE4 and got very worried. GNOME was driving me mad, and I could see the train wreck the KDE4 developers were putting themselves into develop.

o EXT4 Rocks to, seems fast and solid… Bye, bye, ext3,reiserfs & xfs…

o Install is cleaned up and bit less confusing than 11.1
though more works needs to be done on it.

o Firefox 3.5

I’ve used heavily already, but the welcome screen video actually worked in OS 11.2, where it stalls for me in Windows (XP, Vista & 7), as well as 11.1 unless you run video in a new tab. It is a good improvement on Firefox 3.0, even if it seems old hat to distro & OS hoppers.

o kernel-2.6.31

Seems to have really improved the desktop user experience.

o YaST & zypper

Fast & efficient, as well as convenient I’ve been running it fine on 240 MiB RAM, system. Having commandline tools is great, as you can simply login (console or remote) and do update or install, and then try it out later.

Now after running pre-releases to go bug hunting, I wait to upgrade the main desktop, usually until after the first big update sets have slowed down (generally about 10-12 weeks after initial release).

This time! 11.2 has gained my trust, yes, yes I know I could run 11.1 + KDE 4.3 from repo. But I just simply have switched over to it. I even had to re-install 11.1 again yesterday clean to check a bug was a true regression.

It is a long, long time since a release has felt so stable, in it’s first week. 11.2 is faster and more stable than Windows 7 which was in Beta a year ago.

Now I am sure 11.3 will be even better, and we need to plan now, so we have some spare partitions to do test installs into, so the GM’s “just work” for even more people from week 1.

Thanks, that’s good to know (although I’ve switched to the excellent Aptana Studio for most of my web development recently).

You can always get chromium from the built service, don’t have to search elsewhere. works best for me though.