Lousy log in

Probably not the place to put this, but I couldn’t decide where would be moreso.

When I attempt to login to the forums suse, or open suse the system rejects my password,
when I go through the lost password system I set the exact same password as before and it allows me to login to suse, using the password saved in my browser (which I’ve never updated) and then drill down to the forum of choice.

this happens every time I attempt to log into the forums

As this is a question about the forums and NOT about openSUSE, it will be moved to Forums Feedback > How to use the forum?.

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Is that the one mentioned on our home page:

Need to change your password or email address? Instructions are in our FAQ

and then using that link to the place in the FAQwhere it is explained:

To change your forum password, go to the openSUSE Wiki page while not logged in: https://en.opensuse.org/Main_Page

  • Click on the SIGN UP link (not Login) in the upper right corner
  • On the resultant page, left menu, click EDIT ACCOUNT
  • On that page click CAN’T ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT?
  • That should be the Forgot Password process. If not, there on the left menu, click FORGOT and select PASSWORD.

BTW at the bottom of almost every page here there is the link: Contact us. That will lead you to the forums admins in case your problems persist.

Thanks for your patience,
I figured it out I was entering the full email address instead of just the truncated user name.

Thank you very much.