Lots of unresolved FQDNs getting logged into system logs

Greetings to everyone.

I see a lot of messages such as “sshguard[9698]: Could not resolve ‘qt.qpa.xcb’ to address” and -

  "timestamp": "2020-08-28T03:53:46.131630-0700",
  "flow_id": 2191485088432686,
  "event_type": "dns",
  "src_ip": "",
  "src_port": 61493,
  "dest_ip": "",
  "dest_port": 53,
  "proto": "UDP",
  "dns": {
    "type": "query",
    "id": 20687,
    "rrname": "qt.qpa.xcb",
    "rrtype": "AAAA",
    "tx_id": 0

Is there a way to remove these messages from getting into several log files? These are harmless but they fill up log files fast and consume screen space while tailing json logs.

This issue is fixed after adding three lines to rsyslog and restarting rsyslog

:msg, contains, "kwin_x11"      stop
:msg, contains, "qt.qpa.xcb:"   stop
:msg, contains, "plasmashell"   stop

Now the 100 odd per hour emails saying “Unknown problem somewhere in the system.” have stopped.