Lotro on wine

Still having problems running Lotro and all other threads are locked. I thought that running nouveau drivers with Nvidia Optimus (I have Optimus as I’ve found out) would help.

But game still shows same error that it doesn’t have permissions to run, open files. Dat files, with error 201. I know doesn’t seem to relate to drivers. Wine always runs with highest permissions, so what could be a problem?

I managed to mount a partition for user (hmm me) at startup and huge game files are on that partition. Maybe it’s still something to do with permissions and that non-system partition on Linux?
Game crashes after login screen. I’m not sure I need to update Wine 2.0.1. Appreciate help


it does not seem that the problem is on wine. It seems that there is a problem with the game itself. Someone in the official forum was able to fix it.
Also as someone wrote on the wine website, the game is running fine with wine 2.2.

Hope that helps.

I wanted to keep old data files because download is very slow and this was my mistake it seems. OR something happened with one file that wasnt downloaded properly. Anyway, this link was very helpful thanks!
Game log told that 1 file was corrupt indeed, redownload has helped.
It’s almost okay on Wine 2.0.1 too.

Glad to hear that the game is working now :slight_smile: