lost xf86 keys with xorg-x11 update

I’m using opensuse 11.1 but needed a newer kernel version for hardware support so updated to from factory. Needed to install a tiff viewer plug-in for firefox and had to update xorg-x11 (version 7.4-17.1) in the process. After reinstalling nvidia drivers 180.44 and logging in to my desktop the keymap was different. Running xmodmap -pke gives a different keymap than what is in my ~/.Xmodmap file.

Seems the keycodes when keys are pressed have changed. Ok, no problem so I go about writing a new ~/.Xmodmap file moving keys to their new keycodes.

Only problem seems to be that none of the XF86 keys register at all. For example XF86Calculator is keycode 148 (from using “xev”, it used to be keycode 161) and is listed as such in my .Xmodmap but it registers as being mapped to nothing in KDE or even xev (the "bytes: " output) after restarting to load the new .Xmodmap.

Running xmodmap -pke again only shows the first map entry of the standard non-XF86 type keys.

Any ideas whats wrong?

xkbrules set to xfree86 in my xorg.conf same as before when these keys worked. Actually using the same xorg.conf as before.

tried just running xmodmap .Xmodmap and it gave an error. One the NoSymbols was typed as Nosymbol and this apparently was the problem.