Lost Windows boot

Hi, I was trying to get back into Windows but seem to have lost the windows boot. How can I retrieve this please?


You need Command Console, which won’t help if you can’t boot from the HD, so boot from the XP (?) CD-ROM, select recovery console from the three choices, then log into the Windows it finds, and once you get the command prompt, enter “FixMBR”. Reboot, and the menu should be back.


Clarify what you mean.

Do you mean the option for Windows has gone from the green boot screen?

Or do you mean windows does not boot after choosing it from the boot screen?

Thanks not sure if I need it as I will have to reload suse due to bad copying so re-copying and then reformat second disk. then reloading Suse

some good reading here

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Yes, the green welcome screen and everything Linux will be gone and invisible during this process. Then You will need to study up on boot.ini if you’re letting Windows be first, or YAST / BootLoader if the problem’s in Linux. Hmmmmm. I think your problem is easier than I thought. If you can boot to GRUB, but not select windows from there, just do the /YAST /Bootloader and it will reset itself. You can also choose more than just GRUB, as the hard-to-see 2nd tab is about where you want it to go.