lost where to post requested information

Moderators, I have a problem. Call me blind! I was trolling through postings looking at sticky’s and came across a sticky asking all members to post their hardware to the HCL. I recalled I had already suggested that somewhere and off I went to fetch my hardware specs. Got my spec and went to find the sticky … no luck even doing search, searched for HCL nothing, checked wiki cause it did say you could post there to HCL can’t find a reference to it there either just ads.

So if you want my hardware stuff here’s a copy of my former post

We create a forum category PLS post your hardware here
We put in a sticky that explains how to get your Linux distro hardware information to be posted.
You have some 34000 users of the forum I think I saw so If everyone posted their hw specs and work arrounds that would be a substancial start
ie: System = Toshiba Satellite L300D Laptop … some issues
CPU = AMD dual core Athlon X2 … Linux installs fine
Memory = 2GB
Harddrive = Hitachi SATA (two different models show in dmesg) 160GB
ATI Radeon works (gaming not tried)
3 USB hubs
Atheos Wireless Ath5k driver works ipv6 must be disabled
mc950d USB wireless stick works (issue eject /dev/sr0 to allow it to work)
Eth0 = Realtek works if wireless devices are disabled
Version = openSUSE 11.1 with gnome xfce & kde4 (problem accessing gnome and xfce )
CD/DVD = Sony DVD+/-RW works perfectly all modes
Webcam = Chicony built-in (recognized but does not turn on)
5-in1 card reader slot works perfectly
Epson Photo stylus 200 Print works without ipv6
CDPrint works on tray 2 without ivp6
Cuser micro 250MB USB stick works perfectly
Canon PIXMA ip2600 printer works perfectly without ipv6
Canon F1600 Scanner works all modes


Here it is: openSUSE Hardware Compatibility List: Toshiba Laptops

techwiz03 wrote:
> came across a sticky asking all members to post their hardware to
> the HCL… Got my spec and went to find the sticky … no luck

a search at http://forums.opensuse.org/search.php using these three
terms: users fill hcl with “search entire post” checked turns it
up as number three on the hit list…see:

that sticky is at the top of the Hardware forum, its address is:


Thanks swerdna
followed link and clicked edit at top (almost missed it) but it asks me to log in then won’t let me so I guest I’m not allowed.:frowning:

Thanks for this reply too