Lost systemsounds in KDE 3.5 (Suse 10.3)

I rencently upgraded some packages from the Videolan and packman repository. No issues, no conflicts.

Now I realize that my KDE no longer produces system sounds. I defined some system notification sounds with ogg and wav files but they don’t play. Previews of sound files in the file manager are also not played.

But when I play those wav and ogg files from the command line with the “play” program they do play. In Amarok and other sound programs they also play.

Only KDE refuses to make sound.

What could be the issue ??

ok, found the case myself and fixed the issue. Here is how :

I installed NXServer from nomachine a couple of months ago and this apparent modifies /home/useraccount/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc into something else that uses esdplay instead of the usual Arts config.

Luckily it made a backup of the original file so I simply had to rename it and restart KDE.

Sound is back alive now.

So whenever you install NXserver and run into the same issue than the above will help you.