Lost Start Icon On Desktop! Help!

For some reason, the start icon which is found on the left bottom most part of my tool bar is gone! Tried asking technician but can’t figure it out either. Anyone please give me advice since I’m new to this OS.:frowning:

Thank you in advance!

Desktop ? KDE,Gnome,Xfce,Xwm ? SuSE version ?


Tnx Andy. It’s Suse version. I mean the start button on the left bottommost just disappeared.

Hello! I have the same problem, I think I “accidentally” remove the start icon when I removed some widgets of the panel:shame:
I’m running SLES 11 with KDE4, any idea how to put it back?
Thanks :wink:

This is the incorrect forum for SLES it’s over here;
Plus it’s better to start your own thread.

If you right-click on the panel and select add widget, at the top of
the list it’s ‘Application Launcher’ you need to re add.

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