Lost sound two days ago


As a “computer expert” helping my friends, I always find myself asking “what did you do?” and the reply is often “Nothing! The thing just stopped working”.

I’m having this kind of experience with myself right now. My SB0570/CA0106 setup that has worked in lots of Suse releases stopped working. It is silent. I dualboot with windows 7 and there the sound works IF I turn off the computer so that the soundcard can reset itself after using OpenSuse. Otherwise, Windows is silent too.

So what did I do? I installed the glibc pathes for 11.3. I have downgraded them and rebooted: No change so that’s probably not it. Otherwise no changes where made to that OS that I’m aware of.

I ran alsa-info and uploaded it here : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=898d7f15b9e94874a3879674c42aaf790451d101

I have tried speaker-test -Dplug:front -c2 -l5 -twav
No error messages and no sound. I have tried it from the console without kde so that is not it.

What would be the best way to completely reset sound configuration and start over?

Please note that I had sound working on 11.3 two days ago.
I need some help tracking this one down.


well, dont beat me,
but could it be that somewhere deep in your system the sound is just muted?

Maybe you could reinstall alsa or pulseaudio, whatever you are using.
So it costs just an zypper remove and zypper install of the two components.

No problems johest, and you were probably right. Because I reinstalled opensuse - got sound back as root. Logged into my own account and - no sound. So I copied the kmix files from ~root/.kde4 to ~myaccount and - sound again!
So problem solved. Annoying though: kmix and alsamixer did not report anything muted or at very low volume. Hmmm…

Just to tell a story,
i was told to reinstall a soundcard at an customers home because he told the soundcard is just broken,
when i arrived he complains about the terrible hall of the sound,
after disabling the Hal-effect it just works fine :slight_smile:

Sometimes bizarre things can result in sound not working.

For example, sometimes when one installs the proprietary nVidia graphic driver, sound will STOP working for the regular user, but WILL work for the root user. Presumably the reason being by installing the nVidia graphic driver, the audio permissions get messed up. That should not happen, but sometimes it does. In such a case a common solution is to add the regular user to group ‘audio’ and restart, and typically sound is back.