Lost sound device after testing hdmi as input on laptop

I was testing to display hdmi ouput from computer 1 on computer 2.
Sound on computer 1 and 2 was OK.

Hdmi out put of computer 1 is connected on a converter on its hdmi input. The usb out of the converter is connected on an usb input of computer 2.
I change sound device of computer 2 to the usb device providing the sound from the converter.

If I can display the screen of computer 1 on computer 2, I failed to get sound from computer 1.(But this is not the subject of my question)

I remove all cabling .
Now on computer 1 I get no sound.
I could not config none of the the sound card 1 (CANNON LAKE PCH cAVS) and 2 (TU106 Hight Definition Audio Controller).

Is there a way to reinstall sound completely without reinstalling every things.

Fire up pavucontrol, and check that the profile (via configuration tab) is set as you desire.


I had to re-install leap.
I will keep it in a corner of my mind.
Thank you very much.