Lost PCLinuxOS From Boot Menu After Grub2 Update

I have several linux distros installed and I’ve noticed that each time I update grub2 in openSUSE I lose PCLinuxOS from the boot menu. Prior to the update I was booting from Manjaro and although it’s listed in the boot menu it goes into kernel panic (won’t boot from openSUSE). Any help with these issues will be appreciated.

Which boot menu? You have multiple OS and there is also firmware boot menu.

Are you using legacy BIOS or EFI? What installed OS has bootloader as “primary”?

I’m using legacy BIOS and openSUSE became primary boot OS after recent grub2 update in openSUSE. Previously was Manjaro OS.

There was a grub update I guess it may have taken charge. Doubt that happens often. But be sure all OS’s are using the same boot method either all legacy or all EFI mixing does not work

I’ve restored grub via chroot to Manjaro and all distros are now booting. Thank you for your assistance.