Lost OpenSUSE bootloader - Only Windows Now

Somehow, after updating Windows…I lost access to the Suse bootloader. My laptop now boots directly into Windows.

How can I get back into Suse to fix the bootloader so that it prompts me as to which OS to boot to?

Preferably without a CD or flash drive, as I would have to purchase one at this point.



Using MBR or EFI boot??

If the hardware is fairly new (less then 5 or 6 year) it probably is a UEFI machine (UEFI replaces the old BIOS)

IF UEFI you should be able to evoke a boot menu )depends on hardware F10 or F12 or some other key at boot consulate computer manual) that allows you to chose OS

If MBR it depends on how things were installed it may only take setting the boot flag or maybe reinstall grub. But we need more info for implicit instructions

Definitely MBR. I was trying to find where I can change the boot flag in Windows but it doesn’t seem to be where it should be or at least available for selection within the disk management tool

Most Linux installations put Grub on the MBR. Most times when Windows disables Linux boot what has happened is the Grub MBR has been replaced with the same legacy MBR code Windows initially installs. In such cases, changing the location of the boot flag would not help. Moving the boot flag would solve the issue if Grub had been installed on a primary partition instead of the MBR. This sounds like a case where the best course of action would be to boot the media from which you initialized openSUSE installation originally, selecting the repair bootloader option. Once a repair has been performed, you may be able to reconfigure openSUSE with Grub on a primary partition. Then when Windows update disables boot, moving the boot flag back would be a simple fix.