Lost my dvb-t receiver after kernel upgrade

some 5 days ago I got the kernel upgrade to for my opensuse 11.2 @
x86_64. All is fine, except that I suddenly have lost my dvb-t receiver. It
is an external usb device, a Pinnacle PCTV USB2 (310e) that offered TV for
month without problems before that upgrade.
I checked the zypper logs but found nothing that was deleted or altered that
looks like being connected, except for the kernel wich requires new

Now the symptom is that players cannot find the receiver, actually it turns
out that /dev/dvb is not even created although the dvb subsystem is running.
Syslog reports unplug and replug events for the receiver, it is identified
(wor working) but nothing more happens. THe usual entry in syslog: Chose
configuration #1 out of 1 option and an additional hdj_probe(): unknown
device which has not been there before the kernel upgrade. What is missing
is the initialization of the receiver.
I tried reconfiguring via yast, even dumped into my backups (yeah, I do
'em!) and pulled out some config files but could not make out any
difference. It appears, as if the code for the saa7134 driver has been
changed and does not work with the card any more. But then again I could not
find anything connected to that driver in the dvb changes mentioned for that
Anyway: I downgraded my kernel to the version before the upgrade, all fine,
except guess what ? Right, no TV, no dvb-t. Same lines in syslog except for
the hdj_probe() which apepars to have been added in the newer kernel

Ok, now I am back with the newer kernel and ask myself:
where can I start digging ? why doesnt whatever not even try to do anything
meaninful to the receiver ? Why is it ignored ? What is that one single
configuration option defined that is mentioned in syslog ? And why do I
bother at all ?

The card did work with the saa7134 driver, it has a Zarlink MT352 DVB-T chip
on board and is of type 310e (close to the common 310i, but external).

Any ideas welcome !