Lost my Desktop folder

Hi openSUSErs! I’ve got a good one for you…

Something somewhere went haywire with my TW KDE installation and my Desktop folder got disappeared like a mob information. Now my (visual) desktop has a ton of stuff that belongs and used to be in my $HOME folder. Those items are “real” - I can access and open them, and so on.

I thought I might get lucky and created a new “Desktop” folder inside $HOME, but it just sat there like any other empty, dumb folder.

Is there a way to recreate the real Desktop folder? I need to get this junk off my visual desktop (personal OCD thing), but I don’t have a straightforward, permanent way to do it.


Best imho is to restore from your backup.

My guess is that somehow you moved or copied your $HOME folder into your Desktop folder…

You should inspect your current directory structure.
If you need to post that info for others to view,

  1. Install tree with the following command
zypper in tree
  1. Navigate to your home folder
cd ~/
  1. You can now run tree by itself to view for yourself, but if you want to post, then write the result to a file as follows
tree > folder_tree.txt
  1. Now you can open the file “folder_tree.txt” in any text editor you like (like kate, kwrite, etc) and paste the contents into a post (remember to use the CODE tags which is the button with the hash symbol).