lost kde network management

Hi all,

I could kick my self in the head literally. I wanted to update evolution from 2.32 to 3.2, so went and added the gnome stable 3 repository, and then said switch system pakages without thinking anyhting of it. So it downloaded a whole lot of other packages as well as of the gnome network manager. Now i was connecting to internet via kde network manager, and it changed to the new gnome version and disconnected me. Now cannot get onto internet as kde says we need network manager version between 0.8.1 and 0.8.10 to work, found 0.9.90.

Can’t undo what i did as can’t get onto the internet to revert to the previous version! What do i do?? Is there a way to run this version that i downloaded so that i can get back on the internet to sort it out, or is there any other way to revert files back to the previous version in open suse 11.4?

Ok just managed to get on with gnome network, sorting my stupidity out now :shame: