Lost internet after tutorial

Granted, I’m a noob with Linux/openSuse. I didn’t have any issues installing the OS and getting everything set up (using KDE). My intent was to create a web host for my own websites I run. I struggled until I found this tutorial. Now I cannot get onto the internet. I started on page 3 (preceeding is installation info) and was able to install some of the apps in part 5 just fine via the download manager - I had the internet. Somewhere between part 6 and 7 my internet jacked up. I didn’t notice till part 7. I create a copy of the fstab file before I edited it as suggested in part 6. Thinking that may have been it, I deleted the fresh copy and reactivated the original. But, that has not work.

Can someone please guide me to getting back my internet connection? Sysinfo says I have an “Unknown network status”, if that helps any. I’m abslutely lost at this point.

furthermore, does anyone know of a good guide to setup as a server? I thought I had it running well at one point (I hit my ip and got the index.html file in htdocs(?)) but I was looking for one that could show me everything - the email, ftp, all the goodies.



First of all: do you have a static IP number from your ISP?

Fire-up yast2, go to “Network Devices” → “Network Settings” and re-configure your internet access. This must be working before configuring apache & friends.