Lost in the kernel source git repo

I’m trying to build a specific version of vanilla kernel for my Leap 42.1 system. I pulled the git repo:

git clone git://kernel.opensuse.org/kernel-source.git -b master

The command ‘git tag’ shows a list of tags starting with ‘rpm-’ and ending with ‘rpm-4.4.36-8’. I could successfully do ‘git checkout rpm-4.4.36-8’ and build a kernel from that. So far everything OK.

However, I cannot figure out how to checkout anything newer than ‘rpm-4.4.36-8’ and older than HEAD. When browsing the repo at http://kernel.opensuse.org/cgit/kernel/log/?h=master, I can see tags such as ‘v4.7.10’, however I cannot ‘git checkout’ any of these. I must be missing some basic understanding of the repo, so could anyone please help me figure it out?