lost GRUB Menu

Before GAG Installation my syatem was OK with dual boot OS

  1. XP SP3
  2. Opensuse11.1

my problem:->

I have tried to install GAG Boot Menu
but due to some fault during installation
So i have uninstalled GAG using its Bootable CD
Hence it restore my MBR with only Xp

So please tell me some way to restore my GRUB menu
so that i can boot into opensuse
In my opensuse there is much critical data stored
so i dont want to lose them

Thank you.

HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive

I know you don’t get a blank screen because you have the XP bootloader. But this will restore your grub bootloader.

Thanks For Your reply
I have followed your given link

but still it doesn’t work for me

When I tried to find /boot/grub/menu.lst
it gives

grub> find /boot/grub/menu.lst

Error 15: File not found

i booted with ubuntu 9.04 live CD
what Should I do?

How did you install suse originally. Was it with the DVD?

Not all of the five methods do work for everyone. So try another one. And another one if the second doesn’t work. When you eventually get into openSUSE, use the method in the Appendix to restore the bootloader.

Afterthought: If “find /boot/vmlinuz” works, you could use that instead of “find…/menu.lst” to get your (hd0,x) and proceed with item number 2 in the list of five.

Another option could be to try and boot with: Super Grub Disk Homepage - Download CDROM

Ant once in suse restore the bootloader

Hey Thanks a lot
Its work now !
I Have also installed GAG this time successfully
Thank you once again!

This is good news. Even better if we knew what you did?!:wink:

I just followed these steps in your suggested link

Boot from your installation DVD. On the first menu screen, select Repair Installed System. After the Kernel & the repair program load, you come to the Repair Method screen with three options:

• Automatic Repair
• Customized Repair
• Expert Tools

Choose Expert Tools and the repair Tool Box window will open. From there select to Install New Boot Loader. Select the partition where you installed SuSE (if asked). You’ll get the Grub GUI setup screen. Check under the Tab “Boot Loader Installation” that the checkmark is in “Boot from Master Boot Record” and remove any other checkmarks. Click “Finish”. Wait for message “The boot loader was installed successfully”. Click OK → Next → Finish. Ignore any error messages and reboot. That should install an elementary Grub and allow you to boot to openSUSE.

Then i install GRUB boot loader to my root partition and then installed GAG Successfully

Thank You.