Lost grub due to vista reinstall

I had vista x86 + openSUSE 11.0 x64.
My vista got screwed up and I just reinstalled vista on same drive.
Now I have lost my grub and I cannot boot into suse.
Can anyone help??
I am quite new at this so help in detail will be very gr8full :shame:

You don’t give us much (actually, any) information to work from . . .

What did you install openSUSE with, LiveCD or DVD?

If LiveCD, boot from it, open a terminal window, switch to root (the “su” command). If the DVD, boot from it into Rescue System, and login as root. Then at the prompt (in whichever), do:

fdisk -l

If you are in the LiveCD and you have an internet connection, you can just copy/paste in a post back here. If the DVD, write down the partition list(s) and post that back here.

You can re-install grub to the MBR if you wish and have openSUSE control the boot. Or you can have Vista control the boot and start up openSUSE. Which do you want to do?

Sorry for my mistakes :shame:
I installed suse from live cd. Currently I am browsing from vista. And I want vista to take control of my boot.

This is output of fdisk -l

Disk /dev/sda 250.0 GB


/dev/sda2______________6375_______30400_____f____W95 Ext’d (LBA)
/dev/sda8_____________25497_______25758____82____Linux Swap

If you want Vista to control the boot, then use the Vista boot manager. You add an entry to the Vista bcd boot registry for “chainloading” to the openSUSE boot sector, where grub gets installed. So you have two basic tasks, the openSUSE grub installation and the Vista setup.

For openSUSE, try this: Boot the LiveCD, open a terminal window, switch to root (the “su” command), and do:

root (hd0,8)
setup (hd0,8) (hd0,8)

For Vista, there is a command line program to edit the registry, but it is terrible to use. Instead, download and install EasyBCD, it’s here EasyBCD 1.7.2. Read the tutorial section on the website, the section for Linux. This tool does what the MS command line program does, but it is very easy and friendly. When you are at the step of setting up the bcd entry, you will want it to point to the sda9 partition. Reboot, and it will be in the Vista menu. Choose openSUSE, and you’ll get the openSUSE boot menu.

Here is what I did…

  1. Booted from opensuse live cd
  2. Installed Grub on sda8 as you instructed.
  3. In vista, installed EasyBCD. Added entry from linux tab, named it as opensuse and pointed it towards sds9
  4. At next reboot I get my grub loader back after selecting opensuse in my vista loader. rotfl!
  5. In my grub loader, windows entry was set as default. So I set opensuse as my default entry from boot loader settings in Yast.
  6. Everything works perfect. Thanks a million !!!

You are very welcome! Glad to have been of some help. :slight_smile: