Lost Grub boot loader | How to reinstall?

Hi All,
I had a dual boot system to boot Vista and Suse 10.3. Its was working fine but today I had to do system recovery for Vista due to some annoying thing in windows. The recovery * probably deleted Grub boot loader from MBR. So as a result my system does not have a dual boot anymore. It always boots Windows Vista now. This is what I have tried so far to resolve this issue:
Boot system from Suse 10.3 DVD and

  1. Try Repair Installed system. Result:It gives an error and finally Prompts with a menu where I can select Installation and system update and other things, which also did not help.
  2. Rescue System. Result: Does not help, same as above.

I have almost everything in my suse partition and most importantly I don’t want to loose my 10.3.
I was thinking if I could reinstall Grub and things could start working again. If that’s the right path then how can i reinstall it?
Please help.*

Here is how:

  1. Boot the system from DVD.
  2. Choose Repair Installed System
  3. System Installation and Update
  4. Choose Boot system -> this will give you $ prompt
  5. login as root
  6. Enter this command: grub-install --recheck <root partition>
  7. In most <root partition> is /dev/hda

Thanks everyone!!