Lost desktop picture

I’m not sure how it happened, but after an upgrade I lost the beautiful default desktop picture; the one with the blue-green hexagon. I’ve searched for it online, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Can someone send me a link to it? Thanks!

That was a nice background. What’s weird is the preview shows the hexagon, but the actual is a circuit-diagram.

When you use a rolling distro, you also get rolling artwork (at no extra cost) :stuck_out_tongue:

No need, right click in the desktop, go to the desktop settings and it’s still there. ( at least on my system ).

Because you did not reinstall Tumbleweed soon. I reinstall it few days ago and I don’t have it, only the new (default) wallpaper.
BTW I want this wallpaper too.

Like mine, the OP’s install wasn’t an clean install.


Try this link, but don’t wait too long. It is from https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/openSUSE:/Factory:/Rebuild/standard/noarch/

And, I have to correct myself here. The old Tw background seems available, but adapting it results in the new one.

Thank you. I was looking for that wallpaper in factory repositories but I not able to find it.

Found them, in some older Tw branding package for ARM. And, being the good guy, here’s a link to get them, in various sizes:
The download link is valid until 30th of April 2018, enjoy

Edit: the actual wallpapers are in contents/images

Have you actually tried that?

When I do that, I see the thumbnail. But if I select that for my desktop, I finish up with that circuit diagram (or whatever it is).

Thanks, swannema! I don’t know what the openSUSE design folks were thinking. The circuit diagram is nowhere near as nice as this!

Thanks, Knurpht; this works too, as long as you follow your instructions and don’t download the screenshot outside of the contents folder.

Thak you all.

This one IMO is awesome, nice minimalization of the previous bulb.

EDIT: I’ve even removed the glow in the KDE splash screen and adapted a copy of the SDDM theme to use this bulb.

Thank you @Knurpht.
One little problem (off-topic).
When I try to unzip “images.zip” with ark "Failed to open archive: Zip archive inconsistent".
From command line was OK.

That’s rather nice as well; thanks Knurpht :slight_smile: