Lost contact editor in Kontact

I am using Kontact 1.2.9 with KDE 3.5.9 in suse 11. Today I was resizing the contact editor by dragging it to the right. I must have dragged it too far as it disappeared into the right side of the Kontact window and now I can’t get it back. Jump bar is lost also. Trying to re-drag doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?

I guess you could also call it Kaddressbook (version 3.5.9). Anyway, the contact editor is a the window you open up from “view > contact editor” and you can edit your contacts from there. It opens up in the right side of the contacts window. I was only trying to re-size it by dragging to the right and I dragged it too far and it disappeared into the right side of the window. All attempts to try to drag it back have failed as I can not even see it. It’s really annoting because I am unable to edit any contacts. I was thinking of reinstalling it but I can’t find Kontacts or Kaddressbook in the Yast menu, so maybe it is called something else, or it is a part of some other application.

Well, never mind. I found it in Yast under kdepim3. I uninstalled it and removed a couple of Kaddress files from my home directory then reinstalled it and now all is well.