Lost Audio via Display Port after upgrading to 15.2 (no audio device detected)

As in the subject line. I have lost Audio (the hardware is not recognised) after upgrading to 15.2.

Any idea how to fix that?

What is your criteria for determining that you have no audio, and that no audio device is detected.

Also, what do you mean by “via Display Port”. I have not heard that ‘expression’ before in the context of audio.

Assuming audio device not detected, could you also run a diagnostic script in a konsole/xterm while you PC connected to the internet:


Select upload/share when prompted. Allow the script to run to completion. Then look in the konsole/xterm and it will give you a website URL to share. Please copy that URL link here. Maybe that will give us some hints as to your PC audio issue.

Specify your hardware, especially graphics card.
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