Lost ability to change Windows Decorations in 42.1

I have lost the ability to change the Windows Decorations in 42.1. Five different themes listed but changing the theme doesn’t change the appearance. Close, Minimize and Maximize buttons never change appearance. I am stuck with the default Breeze buttons. How do I fix this?

Hit defaults, log out.

The only way i know it’s kde because breeze is mentionedlol!

Which desktop?

I am running KDE. Looks like Plasma version 5.5.5, KDE Frameworks 5.21.0. Rendering set to OpenGL 3.1.

Resetting Window Decorations to defaults and rebooting didn’t fix whatever is going on.

And where exactly are you trying to change the Window Decorations?

We don’t ship five different themes with Plasma5.

Could it be that you are trying to use KDE4’s settings?
Try to run systemsettings5 explicitly to make sure.

I am looking at Settings->Configure Desktop->Application Style->Window Decorations. I had downloaded some additional Windows Decoration themes attempting to understand what was happening or find a fix. Plastik and org.kde.breeze were the two available after resetting to defaults. Downloading and applying a new theme seems to work again after resetting to defaults.

Thanks for the help.