Lost 2nd monitor in Configure Desktop

I am using Leap 24.1. I had my dual monitors working on Tuesday and came back on Thursday, turned on the computer and the monitors were in mirror mode. I tried using the nvidia x-server settings to make certain the monitors were set correctly. I wrote a new xorg.conf file from the nvidia progam and restarted.

I now only have one monitor with a desktop. The other monitor only gets an x for a cursor. When looking in Configure Desktop -> Display and Monitor -> Display Configuration, only one monitor appears.

Does anyone know how I can get the dual monitors back and configured? What information is needed to figure this out?

Which desktop??? You check the desktop settings???

I am using the KDE desktop. I am not certain which desktop settings you are talking about. Where and how can I check the plasma settings?

Configure Desktop - Display and monitor.

Desktop settings will override Xorg settings.

I tried that. Unfortunately, it only shows one of my 2 monitors.

After some more research, I removed the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. That solved the problem.