Loss of functions when switching to openSUSE 11.1 from os X

I recently installed openSUSE 11.1 on a partition on my Macbook Pro. There are couple of functions that I lost in SUSE that I would like to regain:

  1. None of my function keys/adjustment keys work. This means I cannot: adjust volume, brightness, etc. I have tried adjusting brightness via a slider in a control panel, but it had no effect. As it is, my brightness is on max and drains battery life quite quickly.

  2. My fans don’t seem to be operating in openSUSE. Anyone who’s used a MBP knows that this is a fairly serious issue considering how hot they can get. I’m not entirely sure if they are not working or if I just haven’t done any operations intensive enough to warrent the fans, but the laptop does seem to be hotter than when I am using os X.

  3. My multi-touchpad is only mildly supported. My favorite use of the touchpad in os X was the two finger scroll, which I haven’t been able to use in SUSE. Additionly, since my Fn, Command and option keys don’t work normally, I have no manner to rightclick (usually two fingers on touchpad and click or option-click). I would also like to disable the touchpad click feature (tapping pad to click) since this is just annoying. When I put a second finger on the touchpad, the mouse jumps slightly in that direction (as it normally would in os X) which leads me to believe that the multi-touch capabilities are recognized. I haven’t been able to use either the x11 or configure desktop menus to change the touchpad setup.

If anyone could help with any of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind I am completely new to Linux. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: